Where to Next?!: My Dream Destinations

With much of the world still on lock down and not allowing in travelers from the US, I'm stuck home dreaming of the trips I'm longing to take. This is a list of the places I've not yet been. Some have been on my list for years and some are newly discovered dreams. I feel... Continue Reading →

Quarantine? More like QuaranTONED!

Ask my gal pals what I've been up to this quarantine and guarantee they respond with: "Getting QuaranTONED, duh!" Quarantine has given us all the gift of time. It has allowed me to fully embrace my love of fitness for the first time. I've been referring to myself as a "quaranTONED quaranQUEEN" mostly to boost my... Continue Reading →

My *Budget-Friendly* Skincare Routine

I have legitimately become a Sep-WHORE-a during this pandemic. (Bad joke. Not sorry.) Quarantine has given me the gift of leisure time. I've never before had the luxury of time to devote to reading about skincare products and trying them out. But after suffering a months-long bout of cystic adult acne with seemingly no relief, I... Continue Reading →

My NYU Dream!

20 years ago I had a very formative summer.  I was doing my very first musical, “The Sound of Music.” From top to bottom the cast was composed of wildly talented humans. The production received a decent amount of praise; enough so for Julie Andrews (my ultimate hero) to send a personal letter to our... Continue Reading →

Sunset in Zermatt

Light on; Light off. Each with a story of its own. Too bright; Not yet night. Preserve the Earth; Let the sun show its worth. As dusk dawns More lights. One after another After another. Until the whole village flickers With the hope and promise of Tomorrow.  

Cucao Chiloé National Park

Located on the Western coast of Chiloé Island in the Los Lagos Region, Chiloé National Park (as it is more commonly known) is not to be missed if you're in this part of the world. I spent a wonderful a day hiking, exploring, and tasting some of the cultural highlights of this region. It was... Continue Reading →

Eats and Sweets: Reno, Nevada

If you ever find yourself in Reno, Nevada, you'll find an abundance of trendy restaurants and tasty treat shops. It may seem overwhelming, especially if you're short on time. Here are four highlights from my week-long stay in Reno, plus some honorable mentions! Reno Coffee Co. Located in The Riverwalk District on Roff Way, this... Continue Reading →

Alaska Nostalgia

It was like a four month, whirlwind romance But there was nothing romantic about our relationship Except for how hard and fast I fell for you. You, with the snow capped mountains and breezy balmy winds. You, with the freezing falling rain and the puddles I tried to avoid but always loved to jump in.... Continue Reading →

Funchal, Madiera, Portugal

The aroma of coffee lingers in the air Each building I pass more beautiful than the next There is a freshness, an excitement here that I've never quite known Fresh flowers, trees in bloom, and cool crisp Spring air It keeps hitting me Each time I look around To take in my new gorgeous surroundings... Continue Reading →

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