Cucao Chiloé National Park

Located on the Western coast of Chiloé Island in the Los Lagos Region, Chiloé National Park (as it is more commonly known) is not to be missed if you're in this part of the world. I spent a wonderful a day hiking, exploring, and tasting some of the cultural highlights of this region. It was... Continue Reading →

Eats and Sweets: Reno, Nevada

If you ever find yourself in Reno, Nevada, you'll find an abundance of trendy restaurants and tasty treat shops. It may seem overwhelming, especially if you're short on time. Here are four highlights from my week-long stay in Reno, plus some honorable mentions! Reno Coffee Co. Located in The Riverwalk District on Roff Way, this... Continue Reading →

Alaska Nostalgia

It was like a four month, whirlwind romance But there was nothing romantic about our relationship Except for how hard and fast I fell for you. You, with the snow capped mountains and breezy balmy winds. You, with the freezing falling rain and the puddles I tried to avoid but always loved to jump in.... Continue Reading →

LA Highlights

Now that the dust has settled from my trip, I figured I'd share some highlights and favorite moments from my six days in LA.   Beverly Hills (That's Where I Wanna Be) But honestly, that is where I wanted to be. Beverly Hills has some of the world's most iconic shopping (and some of the most beautiful... Continue Reading →

A Day in Disneyland

Hi from Los Angeles! It is day four of my LA trip and I'm having the best time. Lots of rest and relaxation, sunshine, and laughter! On Tuesday, I fulfilled one of my Disney bucket list items by spending the ENTIRE DAY at the parks. Open to close. 7:30am to midnight. It. Was. MAGICAL! We... Continue Reading →

Ushuaia, Argentina

Tierra del fuego Fin del mundo What does it all mean? Is it really the southern most town in the world? Mountains at every turn Cool crisp air that sometimes shakes your core with cold Can't get my bangs to hang straight Wind blowing from all sides The smell of sea salt as I sit... Continue Reading →

Antarctic Reflections

Many people ask me about my time in Antarctica. "Was it amazing?" "Did you pet a penguin?!" Sadly, I wasn't able to touch the penguins due to the IAATO rules and regulations. However, the penguins are unbelievably cute and yes, Antarctica is simply breathtaking. I spent roughly 24 days there between December 2016 and February... Continue Reading →

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