Quarantine? More like QuaranTONED!

Ask my gal pals what I’ve been up to this quarantine and guarantee they respond with: “Getting QuaranTONED, duh!”

Quarantine has given us all the gift of time. It has allowed me to fully embrace my love of fitness for the first time. I’ve been referring to myself as a “quaranTONED quaranQUEEN” mostly to boost my own morale when I’m feeling blue, but ALSO to maintain motivation. I’ve been averaging 6-8 workouts per week, mostly because I have time, but also because I find that my mental health is exponentially more manageable when I move my body consistently.

Having the freedom to choose how I’m moving has also helped me embrace fitness. Not being bound to the gym out of obligation because I pay for a membership is a thing of the past.

No job= No time constraints= The opportunity to move how I want & when I want. #Blessed #Funemployment AM I RIGHT?!

When I’ve done a workout but feel like I have more to give, I find something else to do. If I wake up and have a lazy day, I don’t feel guilty. It’s all about balance, you know?

Movement of any kind makes me happier. This is a fact I’ve been reminded of throughout the pandemic. This list of organizations and individuals have provided my main sources of fit-spiration through the pandemic. Check them out, give them a follow, and maybe I’ll see you in class!

DANCE: Motivated Movers NYC ( @motivatedmoversnyc on Instagram )
Motivated Movers NYC offers multiple classes each week via Zoom. Choose from Ballet, Theater Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop– or take them all like I do! Motivated Movers provides a safe environment to learn, grow, and most importantly, have fun. The teaching artists are all incredible and can provide personalized instruction to make sure you’re getting the most out of each class while working up a sweat! Each class has a suggested donation of $10.

DANCE CARDIO: The Limit Fit ( @thelimitfit on Instagram )
Get ready for an hour of high intensity joy! Run by Broadway veteran & NASM Certified Personal Trainer Beth Nicely, The Limit Fit currently offers three classes: Dance Cardio, Cardio/Tone, and a Saturday Dance Party. The classes are easy enough to follow along, and Beth’s joy and energy are infectious! I’ve been following Beth on Instagram for years, so when I entered (and WON!) a 5-class pass to The Limit Fit, I just about lost my damn mind. I’ve been LOVING her 8am classes. No better way to start the day!

CARDIO & TONING: Sculpted by Alex ( @alexscolari on Instagram )
My friend Amanda casually texted our gals group chat one day and was like “You guys HAVE to try this class, it’s changing my life.” So obviously we all signed up immediately and cleared our Saturday mornings for a group sweat sesh. Nothing could’ve prepared me for the next hour of my life. Alex is an incredible motivational speaker before, during, and after your intensely sweaty class. She combines yoga, cardio, boxing, and weight training into a jam-packed 50 minutes of non-stop movement. If you’re not sore the next day, IDK what to tell you! Classes are a $10 suggested donation, or you can purchase a discounted bundle of 3 or 5 classes!

YOGA: Aloha Yoga & Healing ( @alohayogaandhealing on Instagram )
My home yoga studio, Aloha Yoga & Healing, has transitioned to a fully virtual platform during the pandemic! This has been great because I can take the live classes, or do a recorded class on my own time. The environment that owner/teacher extraordinaire Kim has cultivated has always felt like a warm hug. The virtual classes are no different! Membership options: $95/month or $25/week.

YOGA: Tess Jonas ( @winterstormjonas_ on Instagram )
Tess is a multi-hyphenate warrior. Performer, yogi, writer, activist– She truly does it all. If you’re looking for a more fast-paced yoga flow, she’s your gal. Plus, her playlists are fire and you will love her driven and determined spirit. She’s currently teaching five live Zoom classes each week for a suggested donation of $5.

In addition, I’ve been doing a decent amount of biking around town! Starting the day with a trip to a local coffee shop followed by a trip to the docks has done wonders for my mind.

Even if fitness isn’t your thing, you might be surprised at how just one hour a week of one of these activities can positively impact your life!



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