Eats and Sweets: Reno, Nevada

If you ever find yourself in Reno, Nevada, you’ll find an abundance of trendy restaurants and tasty treat shops. It may seem overwhelming, especially if you’re short on time. Here are four highlights from my week-long stay in Reno, plus some honorable mentions!


Reno Coffee Co.

Located in The Riverwalk District on Roff Way, this quaint, low-key coffee shop has some of the best coffee I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking. (Coming from someone who has consumed coffee on 5/7 continents, that’s a pretty massive statement). The thought that went into creating their menu of beans and blends is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Their menu consists of 12 different types of beans– some are blends, but all have a description that specifies the kind of roast (light, medium, dark, or a combination), and the flavors you might encounter upon sipping (caramel, chocolate, fruit, etc). The Magic Joe blend with almond milk and brown sugar was my persoimg_1310nal favorite! The care that goes into every pour-over or quick drip is
truly reflected in the taste and quality of the beverages served. On any given day, you might find Missy behind the bar, serving up delicious coffee and great conversation. There may also be cute puppers, as Reno Coffee Co. is dog friendly! Don’t miss out on this extraordinary coffee experience!

TIP: The “Bullet Proof” was a popular choice among my friends– Magic Joe blend, with Ghee, MCT Oil, and brown sugar blended to a froth! Try it out– you won’t be disappointed!


Pine State Biscuits Reno

If you like biscuits and comfort food– you will LOVE Pine State Biscuits. Their menu starts off simply: A build-your-own-biscuit option, single biscuits with jams, and of course, biscuits and gravy. And then … you have the biscuit sandwiches (as seen above). I tried their signature sandwich, The Reggie: Fried chicken, bacon, and cheese topped with gravy. I was feeling bold and decided to combine their two gravy options (sausage and mushroom) to make a gravy haven for my biscuit. It did NOT disappoint. The buttermilk fried chicken was perfection, and accompanied by the melted cheese and bacon? I was already in love! The gravy was delicious– As someone who likes neither sausage nor mushrooms, I really enjoyed the flavors that mixing the two gravies provided! And then came the biscuit. It was everything you want a biscuit to be– Buttery, the right amount of crispy on the edges, soft and flaky, and perfectly delectable on its own. I cleaned my plate and am positive that you will, too, when you dine at Pine State Biscuits!

TIP: If you and a group of friends are deciding on a brunch spot but can’t agree– This place has more than just biscuits. They’re serving up pancakes, eggs. chicken pot pie, salads, pie, gourmet pop tarts, and more in addition to their signature biscuits. So follow your heart (and your growling stomach) and go eat some biscuits.
EXTRA TIP: If you’re coming here on a weekend morning, prepare to wait in line under a covered tent outside, or sleep in and head over before they close at 3pm.


Batch Cupcakery

With a motto like “Life’s a batch– Eat a cupcake,” you’re sure to leave this adorable shop with at least one treat to satisfy your sweet tooth! Offering a variety of cupcakes, cookies, and more for vegans, gluten-free folks, and those without dietary restrictions alike, you can’t go wrong with Batch. I tried a snickerdoodle, a chocolate chip cookie, and the delicious looking cupcake seen above. I will say that the cupcake blew me away– the flavors were rich, the icing was creamy, and the cake-to-icing ratio was spot on! They had at least a dozen different flavors and combos on display, so deciding on one was difficult, but I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with your choice.

TIP: Batch’s treats all look and smell amazing, regardless of the ingredients! If you have a dietary restriction, double check the packaging to ensure the ingredients meet your needs!

Holey Schmidt Donuts

Holey Schmidt is RIGHT. Walking into the recently-opened donut shop is a kid’s dream come true (and mine because I’m a self-proclaimed donut queen). The vast assortment of donuts being offered will boggle your mind, so my recommendation is to go in with an open mind and an empty stomach! They have your traditional, more classic donuts (bavarian cream, strawberry frosted), cereal-topped donuts (I spied some with Fruity Pebbles last time I was there), candy-themed donuts (M&Ms were involved!), fruity donuts (they offer TWO styles of blueberry!), and beyond. I tried the dirt & worms and one of the blueberry variations as seen above. Both were absolutely delicious and left me wanting more, which is impressive considering these donuts are a decent size! I’d be remiss not to mention the decor in Holey Schmidt. Featuring a comic book theme and a desire to “keep Reno sweet,” the donut shop also features a glass window where you can watch the donut-making in action, AND a kid-friendly play area. Donuts and family time?! Count me IN!

TIP: Holey Schmidt has “Vegan Tuesdays” where they offer several vegan-friendly donuts in flavors like coconut and glazed!

I was lucky enough to try a bunch of the amazing food offerings in Reno during my stay. Here are some Honorable Mentions:

  • Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar (Located in Harrah’s)
  • Great Full Gardens- Midtown
  • Hub Coffee Roasters


Happy Traveling!

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